Featured Series

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  • The NIL House Limitless

    1 season

    Hosted by former Penn State QB Sean Clifford, this show is for the athlete by the athlete.

  • Champ Bailey Presents Ultimate Georgia Football

    1 season

    Hosted by Champ Bailey and led by Alex Benson and Gary Downs the show highlights football players from youth through college all in the state of Georgia!

  • The NIL House

    1 season

    The epicenter for all things NIL!

  • Never Shut Up

    1 season

    Hosted by Marcellus Wiley, Never Shut Up focuses on real, authentic dialogue.

  • The Players' Lounge

    1 season

    Hosted by Aaron Murray, The Players' Lounge is an all-access pass to the best college athletes out there!

  • Up on Game Presents

    12 seasons

    Check out the great content provided by Up on Game!

  • Why Girls And Boys Should Compete With Each Other In Sports

    In this persuasive and humorous talk, John Brenkus, asserts that the only way to know the real limits of female athletic performance is to let girls and boys compete together on the same team from day one. Brenkus discusses the statistics of sports performance for men and women and concludes "boy...

  • Success with Honor

    1 season

  • The Ray Lewis Show

    3 seasons

    For the interactive experience, go to https://brinx.tv. The incomparable Ray Lewis brings his wisdom and faith to the masses in this uplifting and motivational podcast. He interviews greats from sports and television plus he'll dive with his Trainer for over 20 years, Monte Sanders, to examine ...

  • Country Roads+

    1 season

    Unique content about the best players from West Virginia University!

  • The Power Rankings Show

    0 seasons

  • Bleav in Steelers

    0 seasons

    For the interactive experience, go to https://brinx.tv. Hosts Mark Bergin and two-time Super Bowl Champion Ike Taylor formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers evaluate and react to the news and games of the team.

  • Inside the Shield: NFL Moms

    2 seasons

    For the interactive experience, go to https://brinx.tv Tuesdays at 5pm ET. Elisha Jarrett, mom of Atlanta Falcons's Grady Jarrett and co-host Rob Vaka get the inside scoop on NFL players from the person who knows them the best - their Mother!

  • Hazard Ground

    1 season

    For the interactive experience, go to https://brinx.tv. Kill Cliff's Hazard Ground highlights stories of our service men and women across all branches of the military hosted by Mark Zinno.

  • King Hollis

    0 seasons

    The inspirational speakings of William "King" Hollis!