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Ep 5, Never Shut Up: Tweets & Conspiracy Theories

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Never Shut Up

Ep. 4, Never Shut Up: The Wiley Curse


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  • Ep 5, Never Shut Up: Tweets & Conspir...

    In this episode, Marcellus Wiley and John Brenkus examine some of the tweets posted by the Dallas Cowboys and Jalen Rose. Then they ask the question, "Was this Friendly Fire or Shots Fired?" Plus, in Compton 2 Columbia, they discuss the conspiracy theory that asks, "Is Damar Hamlin actually dead...

  • Ep 6, Never Shut Up: Brady & Bullies

    Marcellus Wiley and John Brenkus discuss Kurt Warner's tweet, "When did we decide loud, confrontational analysis is “best” analysis???" Plus, online bullying, Tom Brady's age and Kobe Bryant. Today's Wileyism is Hurt People, Hurt People!

  • Ep. 7, Never Shut Up: Dirty Plays vs ...

    Is the NFL Rigged? Should Troy Aikman be proud he led the Anti-Pro Bowl Trend? The Psyche of a Dirty Player. Compton 2 Columbia. Wileyism.