Never Shut Up

Never Shut Up

39 Episodes

Hosted by Marcellus Wiley, Never Shut Up focuses on real, authentic dialogue.

Never Shut Up
  • Ep. 15, Never Shut Up: 2 Much Partyin'

    Episode 15

    2 Much Partying', Shaq on Utah, Lynch Fined, Emasculated? and Wileyism

  • Ep 14, Never Shut Up: Fresh Cuts and Barbershops

    Episode 14

    NBA All Star Weekend, Jalen Rose on Barbers, Chris Brown, Family Tragedy and Wileyism

  • Ep. 13, Never Shut Up: It's Raining BS

    Episode 13

    Rihanna's Why, Patrick Mahomes is not an Underdog, Aaron Rodgers goes into a Dark Retreat, Compton 2 Columbia and Wileyism

  • Ep. 12 Never Shut Up: Trash Talkin'

    Juju vs the Eagles, Jesus Jacket, Getting Tatted, Walk in my Shoes and Wileyism

  • Ep.1, Never Shut Up: The Why

    On this premiere episode, the one and only Dat Dude, Marcellus Wiley, opens up the conversation to the dialogue that we should be having. Joined by the Owner of Brinx.TV, John Brenkus, these two make an explosive combination talking about how they met and Why Marcellus has chosen Brinx.TV. Plus,...

  • Ep. 2, Never Shut Up: MLK's Dream

    Episode 2

    After a long weekend for Martin Luther King Day, Marcellus Wiley reflects on MLK's speech and the dream he had for our country. Marcellus opens up the question, "Haven't we come a long way?"

    Plus, John Brenkus joins to discuss Wild Card weekend and why NFL is King. They ask, "Is it a great sport...

  • Ep. 3, Never Shut Up: Don't Count Me Out

    Episode 3

    In an episode of self-reflection, Marcellus Wiley asks about Comebacks and Betting on Yourself. In an authentic and unapologetically honest moment, John Brenkus opens the conversation about mental health and his personal struggle with depression.

  • Ep. 4, Never Shut Up: The Wiley Curse

    Episode 4

    After the divisional round matchups in the NFL did not go the way Marcellus Wiley thought, he and John Brenkus are forced to examine the question, "Is The Wiley Curse true or false?" Plus, the guys discuss Patrick Mahomes' ankle sprain injury and was the Shannon Sharpe moment for real or a stunt...

  • Ep 5, Never Shut Up: Tweets & Conspiracy Theories

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Marcellus Wiley and John Brenkus examine some of the tweets posted by the Dallas Cowboys and Jalen Rose. Then they ask the question, "Was this Friendly Fire or Shots Fired?" Plus, in Compton 2 Columbia, they discuss the conspiracy theory that asks, "Is Damar Hamlin actually dead...

  • Ep 6, Never Shut Up: Bad Bullies

    Episode 6

    Marcellus Wiley and John Brenkus discuss Kurt Warner's tweet, "When did we decide loud, confrontational analysis is “best” analysis???" Plus, online bullying, Tom Brady's age and Kobe Bryant. Today's Wileyism is Don't Water Your Weeds!

  • Ep. 7, Never Shut Up: Dirty Plays vs Dirty Players

    Episode 7

    Is the NFL Rigged? Should Troy Aikman be proud he led the Anti-Pro Bowl Trend? The Psyche of a Dirty Player. Compton 2 Columbia. Wileyism.

  • Ep. 8: Never Shut Up: NBA Records & Trades

    Episode 8

    Super Bowl Pick, LeBron's Scoring Record, Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Traded & Wileyism

  • Ep. 9, Never Shut Up: Da Ball & Da Business

    Episode 9

    Off the Super Bowl, Marcellus talks about the Da Ball and Da Business side of the Big Game! Plus, AD's response to sitting during LeBron's record setting moment, the traffic jam of the NFL Hall of Fame class and today's Wileyism.

  • Ep. 10, Never Shut Up: Too Many Mass Shootings

    Valentine's Day, What is the Off-Season, School Shooting at Michigan State, Why are some athletes injury prone? and The Wileyism.

  • Ep. 11, Never Shut Up: Free Agency

    Episode 11

    Benched, Free Agency, the Case for Marriage, Compton 2 Columbia, Wileyism