Sponsored Segments

Check out just some of the amazing ways that Brinx.TV is incorporating sponsors into our one-of-a-kind content!

  • Ford
    2 items


    2 items

    John Brenkus has been proud to work with Ford on game changing content!

  • NERF - The Rampage & Retaliator Blasters

    John Brenkus From Sport Science and Brinx.TV Shows Off The Rampage & Retaliator Blasters for Nerf!

  • SALTYmf
    9 items


    9 items

    Official partner of The NIL House. saltymf.com

  • Next Move ATL

    2 items

    Next Move ATL featured in The NIL House! NextMoveRealty.net

  • Brutus Bone Broth

    3 items

    Brutus Bone Broth proudly sponsors the Mascot of the Week on The NIL House. BrutusBroth.com

  • Pimp My Reindeer

    The ultimate sponsorship opportunity on Success with Honor!