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Check out just some of the amazing ways that Brinx.TV is incorporating sponsors into our one-of-a-kind content!

  • Pinnacle Performance

    6 items

    Located in Marietta, Georgia, this elite facility is where athletes take their training to the next level.

  • BeOne Sports

    12 items

    BeOne Sports aims to globalize specialized training. They’ve invented “Comparative Training,” where accomplished athletes’ movements are digitized into the technology, creating a “proxy for perfect” training. https://beonesports.com

  • Therabody
    10 items


    10 items

    Therabody® is a wellness tech company driven to make wellness accessible to everybody. We provide products, content and services that can inspire and enable people to reduce pain and keep moving.

    Therabody provides an ecosystem of wellness solutions redefining modern health and well-being. Our p...

  • Varchas Premium Spirits

    20 items

    The official bourbon and rye sponsor of The NIL House! Learn more at https://www.mibourbon.com!

  • Caktus.AI
    25 items


    25 items

    Brought to you by Caktus.AI

  • Solari Crisis & Human Services

    21 items

    Call 988 for support or learn more at https://solari-inc.org

  • SALTYmf
    25 items


    25 items

    Official partner of The NIL House. saltymf.com

  • Ford
    2 items


    2 items

    John Brenkus has been proud to work with Ford on game changing content!

  • NERF - The Rampage & Retaliator Blasters

    John Brenkus From Sport Science and Brinx.TV Shows Off The Rampage & Retaliator Blasters for Nerf!

  • Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment Division

    21 items

    Use them as your one-stop show for any move!

  • Brutus Bone Broth

    3 items

    Brutus Bone Broth proudly sponsors the Mascot of the Week on The NIL House. BrutusBroth.com

  • Pimp My Reindeer

    The ultimate sponsorship opportunity on Success with Honor!