The NIL House: Guests Interviews

The NIL House: Guests Interviews

70 Episodes

John Brenkus and Rob Vaka are joined by special guests to discuss the latest headlines facing NIL.

The NIL House: Guests Interviews
  • Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey

    Episode 1

    Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey joins to discuss his work ethic, perseverance and the letter that caught Rob's attention.

  • Mark Zinno

    Episode 2

    Mark Zinno is the host of the Hazard Ground Podcast and a Colonel in the Army National Guard. He joins The NIL House to discuss Hazard Ground and the importance of hearing a Veteran's story on Memorial Day weekend.

  • Isaiah Gerena

    Episode 3

    Isaiah Gerena, Northern Arizona University, SALTYmf Player of the Week

  • Toriano Pride Jr

    Episode 4

    Cornerback for Clemson University football joins!

  • Guest Jon Gordon

    Episode 5

    Jon Gordon, best-selling author and motivational speaker joins to discuss how much mindset matters.

  • Rich Salgado aka Big Daddy

    Episode 6

    Rich Salgado aka Big Daddy joins to discuss his thoughts on NIL.

  • Terian Williams: SALTYmf Player of The Week

    Episode 7

    Terian Williams, Football, Stanford University

  • Beth Brady with Solari

    Episode 8

    Beth Brady with Solari joins to discuss how we should pay attention to Mental Health year round.

  • Ian Wishingrad with Three Wishes Cereal

    Episode 9

    Ian Wishingrad with Three Wishes Cereal joins to discuss what they've done with NIL.

  • James McNaney Bonus Content

    Episode 10

    Behind the Scenes look at the post-interview conversation.

  • BeOne Sports: James McNaney

    Episode 11

    James McNaney is not only a professional javelin thrower, but the Data Specialist for BeOne Sports. He uses the comparative training tool to see how he's getting better over months or years.

  • Jenna Laird: Caktus AI Student-Athlete Home run of the Week

    Episode 12

    Jenna Laird, Shortstop from Mizzou joins for Caktus AI.

  • Breaking News: Ike Taylor Reports on the Steelers Draft

    Episode 13

    Two-time Super Bowl Champion and Steelers Scout, Ike Taylor joins to report on the 2023 NFL Draft and the how well the Steelers did for their performance.

  • Varchasvi Shankar

    Episode 14

    We're joined by the founder of Varchas Premium Spirits, Varchasvi Shankar!

  • Sean Clifford

    Episode 15

    Penn State Quarterback, Host of The NIL House Limitless and NFL Hopeful, Sean Clifford joins!

  • BeONE Sports Athlete: Cash Peterman

    Episode 16

    BeOne Sports Ambassador and kicker for BYU, Cash Peterman joins to discuss his data gathered by BeOne Sports!

  • BeONE Sports Athlete: Michelle Fokam

    Episode 17

    BeOne Sports Ambassador, triple jumper and Olympic hopeful Michelle Fokam joins to walk us through her data points gathered by BeOne Sports!

  • Scott Deans: Founder, BeOne Sports

    Episode 18

    Scott Deans joins The NIL House to cover the mission of BeOne Sports: to globalize specialized training to the world.

  • The NIL House: Mir McLean

    Episode 19

    Caktus AI Player of the Week, Mir McLean with University of Virginia

  • The NIL House: Justin Chase with Solari

    Episode 20

    Joined by Justin Chase with Solari Crisis and Human Services to discuss the success of the Gala and the mission of Solari.

  • The NIL House: Jasmyne Roberts

    Episode 21

    Jasmyne Roberts, University of Miami Basketball

  • Payton Kinney with BeOne Sports

    Episode 22

    Payton Kinney, a softball player with UCONN discusses her NIL deal with BeOne Sports and how they're using data from her pitch to help globalize specialized training.

  • The NIL House: Mark Koesterer

    Episode 23

    Mark Koesterer, Founder, The Players NIL and Co-Author, NIL for All, Available on Amazon

  • Dr. Jason Wersland with Therabody

    Episode 24

    Dr. Jason Wersland joins to discuss the Theragun and other products that Therabody is producing! Go to to learn more and order today!